Red Squares in Watopia Expansion [November 2023]

I saw it several times on a Robo-Pacer ride directly behind the Robo-Pacer.
I doubt the Robo-Pacer is doing any kind of braking.

Robopacers experience the same pack dynamics, including autobraking, as every other rider on Zwift.

Yes, but…since they never change their power there is 0 chance of robo pacers auto-braking :slight_smile:

And the red squares thing is not because of auto-braking.

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They change their power on up- and downhills?

The autobrake as a cause was just a guess, as the squares flashes are around the taillight.

What’s the cause if it is not aurobraking?

Yes, but not to the extent that can cause auto-braking.

What’s the cause if it is not aurobraking?

A graphical engine issue that I’m certainly not qualified to get into details about.

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Yellow squares while following bernie. Appears when head to head and camera 1

I’ve been getting the red flashing squares every ride on the new routes. It’s worst on the forest bit of the coastal road for me.

have had red boxes flashing in innsbruck and around the volcano so not sure its limited to the new expansion

Definitely not just in the new expansion. I mentioned 2 weeks ago that I saw it on Epic KOM and the Alpe.

Yeah, I’ve seen them in the desert as well. Plus there has been this one occurrence in France (between the spawn point and the first intersection) that has never gone away after the first time the squares were everywhere.

I’m seeing the squares randomly with no apparent reason. It was similar before but the squares were black and now they’re maroon. I haven’t noticed it having to do with taillights, sometimes it’s at the top of the screen. Using a modern gaming desktop computer.

Same here. Been going on a month or so. Red flickering box centring on my avatar in standard view. Thought it was a graphics card issue my end but swapping cards did nothing. Super annoying!

I’m still seeing these red squares on version 1.54

It might be related to colors and light conditions. I noticed this jersey causes various overlapped red squares when the rider is exiting a tunnel.


I saw a lot of red squares on TickTock today when riding with Coco, version 1.54.