Red Bull Timelaps 2020 Route Options

I’m taking part in this year’s event virtually and wondered what the best route options are.
I am new to Zwift and was wondering is there a way to choose a certain flat route and lap the ■■■■ out of it? There are a couple of Yorkshire routes that are flat but they are very short.
I’m open to suggestions!

Try Watopia routes, like Volcano Flat Lap or Tempus Fugit.
Watopia map advantage is that it is scheduled every day.
What is the challenge?

Great, I will check those out :+1:

The challenge is a 25-hour (when the clocks go back) ride split between a team of 4 riders. Each team has to get the most amount of distance within the 25-hours but only one team member can ride at a time.

I can’t put a link in this post but Google the Red Bull Timelaps.