How to follow a certain path

I’m new to zwift only 200 in but loving it. I do have a question, when i join routes there is always an option to follow a certain path that will register my time and 30day pr. But i can never figure out how to stay on that path. I have tried many times to just not turn anywhere thinking that would keep me on the path but it always takes me off it. Is there a way to choose to stay on the path automatically

I think you are referring to the timed sections that are found on various routes throughout the different worlds. For example, the Tempus Fugit route has two sprint 30 Day PRs available while New York’s Everything Bagel route has two KOMs/QOMs and I think 30 Day PR sprints as well. As you ride different routes you will get used to where each sprint and climb timed section is.

Yes those are the timed sections I’m talking about. I can find the sprints and climbs easy but there are also timed laps or circuits. How do you manage to stay on the right path of those. Like currently when you start the Innsbruckring there is a timed lap called UCI lap. What im wondering is if there is a way to stay on that path without guessing and learning by taking the wrong turn and trying the next turn next time to get familiar with the routes. That seems very complicated to do with the amounts of routes there are.

If you want to stay on the UCI lap that is timed (Innsbruck world) just be sure to pick “2018 UCI Worlds Short Course Lap” as your route when logging in to Zwift. If you want to stay on the timed route in Watopia pick “Hilly Route”, “Volcano Circuit”, or “Jungle Circuit” as your route.


Ok, thank you. I get it now.

I don’t think I ever noticed the timed laps of any of those routes except volcano circuit. I learn something every day.