Recovering a Ride

Been doing the "Build Me Up’ plan and while doing my workout today my companion app crashed but I was zwifting on my macbook and everything seemed to be ok–albeit the other riders disappeared, but my ERG was still working and I was still getting workout prompts. I assumed everything was fine and it was just a problem with the companion app. I assumed wrong. My complete workout did not record (Lack about 20 min.) therefore I’m not going to get credit for it. This pisses me off bc I’m that person who wants the dang checkmark and stars. Any advice on recovering this ride??

I have not tried to Zwift again. I definitely was allowed to finish ride and even got the ‘Good Job’ at the end of the final interval. Thanks for the info on the FIT file! I’ll try the support ticket and cross my fingers.

Interesting fact, when I went in to get the FIT file it says ‘in progress activity’