Ride appears in feed but details can't be accessed

Zwift was crazy slow earlier when I was about 90% through my ride (around 6pm of UK lockdown day #1) so I finally gave up as I was losing about 2 seconds per second of real time on the counter. Companion app crashed over and over and laptop app finally froze when I was trying to save the ride. It never appeared on Strava or GC, but it does appear on my Zwift feed, albeit truncated to about 3km before I actually managed to save it. But when I click on the ride in my browser it won’t load and just spins and spins. Any way to rescue it?

I would normally have suggested that the symptoms you mention are classic network failure ( somewhere between Zwift device and Zwift mothership) however with the shear volume of crashes, people losing time etc and other weird problems people are having in past week or so, I’d say it could be anything :thinking:

The important part of your question though: no, you cant do anything to get your detailed ride back into Zwift. You may be able to recover your fit file and upload that to Strava which might be helpful. If you need help finding it (the failed fit file_) and loading to Strava, sing out.

Thanks Dean. The .fit file is all I really need. Have submitted a ticket to Zwift to find out how I can get access to that but any other ideas welcome!

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