Record laps in the fit file when you go under the Zwift Banner

How about recording lap information in the fit file every time you go around the island (would be nice to have the displayed some where as well).

If you mean like a progressive or auto-save so that data isn’t lost should something happen later then yes I agree wholeheartedly.

Whether in Beta or full production there are always going to be issues. If it isn’t software it will be people’s laptops going awry, or losing their internet connection for some reason.

Regular auto-saves would allow some of it to be salvaged, like when writing a Word document or Outlook email.

I mean have it record the equivalent of a lap button press or auto lap on my Garmin. Currently the FIT file doesn’t have any lap info recorded in it for when you upload the file (other than a single lap for the entire workout).

Agreed, either a keyboard shortcut or autolap each 5k lap of the course