Periodic Auto Save?

It would be great if our miles and points would save after each lap to avoid losing data because of server crashes.

Today I’d done nearly an hour and moved up to Level 5 and when I tried to save the data was lost, although I was able to recover the .fit file for Strava.

My Zwift profile shows 146km but in actual fact I’ve done nearly 280km so I’m losing nearly half.

I realise it’s still Beta so these things are to be expected, although it would still be nice to avoid them and an auto-save seems like a fairly simple thing.

When it is out of Beta people are still going to have problems.

Computer / software crashes, internet drop outs and server issues are inevitable and users will not want to lose their miles.

Hmm, an interesting idea. The thought of losing all those points/miles is definitely rough.

I agree with Chris, I have been the victim of thunderstorms (not the London loop kind!), and internet outages where a substantial ride is lost to posterity.  Maybe Zwift could autosave to Strava every 10 minutes or so based on your ride time?

You can upload your fit file to Strava.

If for any reason you experience an issue, such as a game crash or Internet loss, your fit file is automatically saved every 10 minutes in the \Documents\Zwift\Activities folder on your computer.

If you’re riding on iOS, you can reach your .fit file by:

  1. Starting up the Zwift Application.
  2. Tapping on the ‘Zwift’ Logo 3 times.
  3. This will open up a browser, allowing you to choose your file (log or .FIT) and then email them to whomever you’d like, yourself included.

Good point Gerrie, I hadn’t considered that.  Thanks!