like after each lap or a key stroke we could use. not sure if this has been mentioned, but after 3 crashed today it would be nice. the software closed and nothing was saved. not fun after 36min +

Zwift does autosave as you ride. If for any reason you experience an issue, such as a game crash, you can also find your FIT files in \Documents\Zwift\Activities.

i found those files, but what can be done with them? I click to open and my mac says there isn’t a know application that can open this type of file. I select Zwift as the application to open and Zwift will not open the files either. It would be great to open the files back up and have them added to my Zwift totals. Each time Swift crashed, I started back from the beginning of today’s ride. I emailed all the files and logs from today’s crashes to your support email.

Today’s release (v1.0.4312) introduces the autosave feature. Ride data is saved automatically every 10 min and will appear in your activity stream with “(Partial)” appended to the title until you complete and save the ride.