Autosave Function

After a series of major bunching with about 10+ riders, they disappear suddenly for about 30 secs then reappeared. Some riders started riding crazy (in circles or over grass mounds) about 45mins into the ride. Just after the 1 hour mark, the app shuts down and the ride was not saved.

Would you consider an autosave function every 30mins or so?

(MBP running OSX 10.9.5 2.8GHz 16GB paired with Suunto Movestick mini & Garmin Speed/Cadence & HRM)

App has crashed again today after 56mins. Thankfully (for me), it happened when I was saving and my ride data was preserved. It was a harrowing few minutes when it closed at the “saving…” window…I thought I had lost my data again.

Today’s release (v1.0.4312) introduces the autosave feature. Ride data is saved automatically every 10 min and will appear in your activity stream with “(Partial)” appended to the title until you complete and save the ride.