Update Zwift Stats during 10-minute auto-save

As stated in the docs, the Zwift application syncs your ride to the server every 10 minutes. So, in the event of the app crashing - the worst-case-scenario is that you should lose the last 10 minutes of your ride. There is, however, a serious oversight here. I think this is more of a bug than a feature request, but since Zwift Support suggested I post it… here it is.

If you experience the Zwift app crashing (like I did after a 2.5 hour hill-climbing torture workout) - Zwift Companion will show that your workout is still in progress for the next little while, but then eventually it looks like the Zwift servers clue in that you haven’t been talking to them, and they move the workout from in-progress to complete on your Activity Feed. Of course, it could be missing up to the last 10 minutes of your workout - but in your activity feed it’ll show that you cycled for X kilometres, and climbed Y metres.

But… here’s what it doesn’t do:

  • This distance DOESN’T get added onto your total distance cycled in Zwift
  • The elevation DOESN’T get added to your total climbing in Zwift
  • The elevation or distance DOESN’T count towards your weekly goal, or whatever challenge you have picked

If Zwift can show your distance and elevation in the activity feed from when a ride was auto-saved after a crash - then there’s no reason why it can’t update your stats like it does when you properly save a ride. Either your stats should be updated with every 10-minute autosave, or the job that takes orphaned workouts (where the app has crashed) and changes them to complete should be doing the same stats updating that Zwift does when you save your workout normally.

Good points.