Allow Riders to Link Rides When System Crashes

Its very frustrating to have the system crash when you are in the middle of the ride, only to have to start back again at zero.  There needs to be a function that allows riders to link a new ride to a previous ride when they take place within a certain time frame (within 30 minutes or so.)  A “Resume Previous Ride” function or button might also work, but it would have to save as a new ride…just in case the system continues to dump.  I tried to ride the 112mi challenge today but switched back to TrainerRoad after Zwift dumped twice on me.  Disappointing.

Never thought about this.  I run two apps on my iPhone for every ride (MMR and Strava) so when one crashes, I can get the data from the other to make Strava whole again (happened only twice in over 8,000 miles these past two years).  What about a sort of data logger on the mobile app that can be used to save your ride data in the event of a system crash?

I’ve had issues with my ANT+ dongle in the middle of a ride thanks to a USB  extension cable problem, the only way to get zwift to reconnect to it is to exit and restart the app so a “suspend ride”, “resume previous” feature would be very useful to me.