Saving points during a ride "banking points" without stopping.

Many of us have probably ridden a few laps and then either through a system crash due to a low spec PC or a network issue have then lost all those valuable points.

I personally ended up stopping on every lap and saving the ride just to progress up a few levels. How bad must it feel if you have done 100 miles and suddenly you lose everything.

A request has been put in to allow you to press a key to “bank” those points during your ride without stopping and saving. So if you do manage to grab the big red Plus bonus or reach level 15 you don’t have to worry that the microwave is about to go on or your family will download a big film :wink:

I like that idea!

everytime it has crashed on me (not often) the file ends up in activities ZWIFT folder… so I have never lost anything during system crashes.

I don’t know of anyone that has experienced a complete data loss of a ride. Most people who experience crashes find their .fit file safely stored in their DOCUMENTS/ZWIFT/ACTIVITIES folder for manual upload.

I also note that if you do not use up a power up then when you pass a challenge arch you do not get a new roll of the wheel of fortune… I would like to see a way to dump power ups instead of having to use them or they expire when you go through the next challenge arch.