Recommended rides

Hi all,

I seem to be stuck in a bit of a rut with Zwift, I tend to either do the Road to the Sky on a Saturday morning, or during a lunch break at work I’ll take on the Mountain 8 route. I am looking for some inspiration for routes I should try please? I quite like climbing, so suggestions with climbing would be appreciated, but other favourite routes would be nice to hear about too please?


Some great climbing routes if you’re up for some big ones are Mont Ventoux in France and the Innsbruck KOM, like on the Lutscher course

Surrey Hills, London World is hilly.

My recommendations would be

  1. Quatch Quest - Titans Grove, Epic KOM and Alpe all squeezed into just 45kms

  2. Surrey Hills - pretty much up and down for 44kms but nothing too long or steep

  3. Achterbahn - you have to do the KOM twice but it’s from different sides and they’re different enough to make it interesting

I’d always hesitate to recommend Ventoux as for me it’s just too long at nearly 2 hours work. If you can find an event doing La Reine which is only half the climb then that’s worth a go too