Alp du zwift alternative

Hi there. I’m enjoying doing Alp du Zwift , and wondering what other climbs are out there. I get a bit bored in the Surrey hills climbs. Any suggestions?

Climb portal routes if you don’t mind the graphics

Epic KOM (eg, Mountain Route)

Innsbruck KOM

Ven-Top or La Reine

Find descriptions on Zwift Insider. Click on the KOM link to see all routes that include it

thansk Paul

thanks very much

Ven-top is the best one, also the hardest.

A few of us have suggested adding the alternative routes to get to the top of ADZ like the real Alpe D’Huez has - including a virtual Col de Sarenne.

You are probably in the minority, the majority appears to prefers flat routes over HC.

Thanks Chris. I’ll try it out.
Yeah the HC’s are a bit of an evening escape for me. Turns my brain off work, and helps me chill.
Thanks man.


That’s what I’m doing as well. As much for the effort as to clear the mind. :slight_smile: We need more of them (and not those portal climbs).


Definitely :+1:

We can all keep emailing Zwift staff every day with the subject like “Re: Mt Fuji” until we get our satisfaction :smiley: