Recently purchased wheels not in garage

I recently purchased the new DT Swiss wheels in the drop shop via the Android app. I am able to see them and select them in my garage on the Android app. On the Mac application, they do not appear in my garage, nor do the appear in the drop shop. I’ve restarted both the Zwift application and my computer several times to try to pull in an updated client but I still am not seeing the wheels. My drops still appear to have been spent on the Mac application, but I can’t see or select the wheels. Have I not downloaded the updated Zwift Mac client with the new wheels? Is there a way to force an update? Or is something else going on?

Have you powered off the android device to make sure zwift is totally closed off that device?

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Just tried it, I turned off my Android phone and opened Zwift on my Mac. Still no DT Swiss wheels in my garage. For what it’s worth, I also don’t see the DT Swiss logo in the wheels drop shop, so it seems like somehow my Zwift client hasn’t updated to the latest version maybe? Supporting this theory - it looks like I’m running Zwift Mac client v 1.0.50775, whereas the latest version is 1.0.54377. Any way to force the upgrade?

I wound up reinstalling zwift, as per the instructions found in zwift support and it worked! I can select the DT Swiss wheels now. I’d still be interested to know if there was a way to force an update.

I’d still be interested to know if there was a way to force an update.

My apologies if I missed it, but did you try clicking the App Store (in the dock), then Updates (top of new window), then (along the right hand side) there should be [Update] buttons for any apps that can be updated?