Garage shows wheels that haven't been purchased when changing between gravel and road bikes

Zwift shows wheels that haven’t been purchased when changing between gravel and road bikes in garage.

Seems to default to showing Cadex wheels for gravel and Bontrager wheels for road bike. I’ve not purchased either wheelset. Unable to tell if this is purely the visuals or the properties of each wheelset too.

Link to video illustrating the issue. 2022 04 04 - Zwift wheelset bug - YouTube



Thanks for flagging it up. The video of what’s happening is very useful. I’ll ask the team to investigate.

Same behaviour here and with multiple others in our club

Hi, what’s the update on this? Stumbled onto this issue myself looking at bike swap options for ZRL tomorrow. Obviously won’t be fixed in time for this but curious if a fix is on the way. Thanks.

I usually ride a road bike, but I was recently in the drop shop buying gravel equipment, and when I switched back to my regular frame, I noticed it was equipped with a Bontrager wheelset that I don’t own.

To reproduce what I did, in the garage:

  • Started with Canyon Aeroad 2021 and DT Swiss ARC 1100 DiCut 62 wheels
  • Switched to Canyon Inflite with either the Zwift gravel wheels, or the New Reserve 25 GR (doesn’t matter which, but you have to select a wheelset, not just change the frame)
  • Switched back to Canyon Aeroad 2021 frame, and the bike has some mystery Bontrager wheels. Nice!
  • Started a ride, and I see it still has the Bontrager wheels. There are no Bontrager wheels in my garage.

Enjoy the free wheels! :smile:

Edit: this bug also affects the MTB. Choose Zwift MTB frame, go into the drop shop and pick the Zwift MTB wheels, click Equip, go back to garage and choose road frame, get Bontrager wheels.

Edit again: if you quit the game and restart, the bike appears to revert to Zwift carbon wheels, so you’ll have to repeat the process to get the Bontrager wheels.

FYI, this issue still exists. Same bike (Aeroad), same DT Swiss wheels that I do own. Rode on my new gravel bike and Cadex wheels, switched back to Canyon afterwards, free Bontragers. I started a new ride, free wheels stayed on the bike. Exited Zwift, logged back in, Bontragers were gone (stock whatever Zwift wheels equipped, although DT Swiss were still in the garage.

So, same story, still a bug.