Clearer labels in Garage/Drop Shop: road vs gravel

Now that there is a choice of gravel frames and wheels available, I think it would be helpful for them to be more clearly identified as such in the garage and Drop Shop.

The Zwift Gravel is easy to recognise as such, but the Cervélo Áspero and Canyon Grail? You have to be a connoisseur to associate the names with gravel, or have keen eyes to recognise the chunkier tyres, especially on smaller screens and/or with low res.

It is easy for an unsuspecting zwifter, who doesn’t read the tiny description of a frame when buying it, to unwittingly acquire and then ride a gravel bike thinking it’s a road bike. (And then wonder why they’re doing 0.5 W/kg more than everyone else in the group bunch! :wink:)

Maybe some basic written signage or colour-coding could be introduced to the garage and Drop Shop in their current forms to make things clearer.
We’ve waited years for the much-requested garage organisation feature so I’m not so naïve as to think that this will be introduced any time soon, even if popular, but perhaps this particular idea would be simpler to apply.

Also, ALPHABETIZE the drop shop!