My Garage

911…I have been robbed!!! I leveled up to 25 and all the wheels in my garage that I previously purchased disappeared leaving me only the Zwift gravels. Where are my wheels? I earned them with my hard work and sweat drops so give them back!

Did you change your frame to either a road or time trial frame?

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No I have always had road bikes in my garage since joining and only ride on the road. The only wheels that appear are gravel so I can’t even re-purchase because it gives me no options other than gravel.

To my knowledge, there aren’t any “gravel” specific wheel sets in the game. Are you positive you are looking in the garage and not the drop shop? What exact frame do you have chosen?

EDIT: I just went into my garage and chose the Cervelo Aspero (a gravel bike) and the only wheels available are Zwift Gravel.

Change your frame to a non gravel bike and you will see all the wheel sets available. Note, the tron bike also doesn’t give you a choice for wheels.
These are the gravel bike options:

  1. Cervelo Aspero
  2. Canyon Grail
  3. Canyon Inflite
  4. Zwift Gravel

Yes, you need to change your frame to a road or time trial frame.
You must stop pedaling and the bike must come to a full stop to change.
Frames and wheels in your garage will not appear while the bicycle is moving.