Received a Blank power up 3 times in a row

Today while riding, three times when I went through the arches, I received a blank for a power up.  It spun through the choices and then settled on giving me nothing.  Is this normal?  I did not have an unused power up at the time.  I noticed this happened to me once yesterday as well.

I did a search and found nothing so if this has already been answered, know that I did at least try to find the answer first.


Are you using the Time Trial bike? Or is this on a regular road bike in game?

Are you sure weren’t just getting the small red plus?  It is easy to overlook it giving you a 10 point bonus.

Duane Gran, that was exactly what was happening.  Either the small or large bonus.  I saw it happen again and this time I watched for the bonus.  Thanks.