Recalibrate or disable steering without stopping

I find my JetBlack steerer block needs to be recalibrated every ride. Don’t know why but if I don’t it swings me either hard left or hard right. To re-calibrate I have to go into the pairing screen (which stops my avatar) and then go through the calibration process which can be a bit slow using an AppleTV unit. And thus I get dropped from the group I’m in.

Would love to either have the ability to simply toggle steering off by a no-stop required way or calibrate it on the fly, again, via a no-stop required way.

We even have that icon at the top of the HUD that shows the steering “yoke” with: ON in the blue pillbox.


Would be nice to be able to click / tap on that to enable/disable on the fly, as I still think when steering is enabled… avatar steering is wonky.

ie sometimes avatar will fall into draft line, other days, avatar will sit in middle of road and never steer into a draft ever; and when that does happen, it seems non-steering avatars won’t draft off of them either. (it’s like they’re in their own world)

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