Real axiom wired trainer

Good day support

I have a real axiom wired trainer which worked 100% for the last 3 years with Zwift. Unfortunately after this last update Zwift is no longer pairing with it. It just keeps searching.
Are you no longer supporting the older wired trainers? Do I need to download a driver

The last update broke wired trainers. Lots of people have posted on this.

Hi Steve
Thanks do you think they will fix it as there is no more live support everything is computer generated answers. It is sad but if they don’t they will be losing numerous amounts of subscribers.

Well, there has been plenty of posts about it so I imagine they’re aware.

Though it certainly wouldn’t hurt to raise it with Zwift support directly. If you go through the chat bot and then say you need more help after it shows you an article,. you’ll get to an option where you can contact Zwift support via a form that you can fill in.

I’m sure they’ll fix it, though exactly when it anyone’s guess. It must be very frustrating to have your trainer completely broken by an update.

Thanks I will take it further. Really enjoyed Zwift but don’t intend spending huge money on a new trainer because they decided wire trainers will no longer work. I truly hope it is a mistake and will be sorted soon.

Wahoo just came out with a wired adapter for their new Kickr V5, and Zwift still hasn’t supported it yet… Maybe they were trying to figure it out and broke all the other wired trainers :thinking: