Real axiom ct 2015 trainer Low watt after update

Hello. since the penultimate update I have a problem. watts. they do not show right. I also ride a cycling computer and it shows other watts. zwift has watts lower, especially uphill. where is the problem please? this arose from the pre-afternoon outage of the zwift. I have a Real axiom ct 2015 trainer, connected via cables and a cadence sensor via usb. in addition, the cadence sensor in the zwift setting has disappeared.

What cycling computer? And where does it get the power reading from?

Hello. it’s sigma…but i used others and it’s the same. I ride with a cyclic computer from the beginning and ac gods go for both life and watt they are low and avatar is barely going. this has been happening since the penultimate update. and speed doesn’t agree either. uphill uphill 8 km / h and computer on the handlebars 18 km/h

You speed sensor and Zwift speed won’t match.

See: How Does Zwift Determine My Speed??

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I’ll explain it differently. always ae zwift and comouter matched. in speed, sometimes there was a small deviation. but since the penultimate update there is a difference of a few km, especially uphill and my avatar ae barely moving. nothing has changed, not even in the settings. only the zwift was updated. there has never been such a problem before.

Please give a full rundown of your setup.

Again, the speed that your bike computer shows will hardly ever match your Zwift in-game speed.

Hello. we still don’t understand each other. it’s not so much about speed, but about the fact that after the penultimate update, my avatar is slowly moving - especially uphill. and watts are different from what they were before. is it clear yet?

Zwift does not do anything to the watts your bike is transmitting. You might want to check your setup.

A better description of your setup could help us in better assisting you.

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When was the last time you inflated the tire and made sure the tire is not slipping.

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tried. everything is alright

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If you would please just give us a FULL rundown of your setup we may be able to better assist you!

Thank you.

What make and model trainer do you use? Is it a wheel on or direct drive? The screen shot you posted indicates you don’t have a speed sensor paired. Please include the devices you use for zwift as well and how you connect (bluetooth or ant+), speed and cadence sensors, etc… this is what Paul means by a full rundown of your setup.

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I really don’t understand and I don’t know where the mistake is. the only thing i know that this problem started after the penultimate update of zwift. I regularly check the tires, nothing was done with the trainer.

when I go uphill, the difference is suddenly 10km / h, I go fast and at the same time the avatar barely goes.


more than that. i have a real axiom ct 2015, connected via usb cables and network

Maybe the USB port is bad, can you try a different one on your PC?

this is my connection. always. Another problem is that since that update I always have to delete Internet Explorer, otherwise zwift can not be turned on

I tried to turn off the cadence and it still glows on the zwift, blue. as if it is connected. as?

The cadence is on Jack to the trainer, the magnet on the handle. everything else is on the usb cable.

I can not. it is specific. but it will not be bad, because the connection is the same - see photos.

do the watts and cadence change when you are pedaling the bike while on the paired devices screen?

Yes. but the problem since the update is that watts / rpm are slower / lower than they used to be