Random Bluetooth Data cutout from Companion App

Over the past 2 weeks, during several rides and workouts, I have had Bluetooth data just randomly cutout. I connect to HR, Speed and Cadence via Bluetooth and the Companion App, since it is closer to me and generally more stable. Until recently, I had really had no issues.

Each time it happens, I obviously have to stop riding and go into pairing and it looks like Zwift on the PC is not even recognizing the Companion App through the pairing indicator (it is gray) - but in the Companion App, it shows there are no connection issues. In order to get it to work, I need to close out of the Companion App and restart it on my phone (Google Pixel 3a). Once opened, pairing eventually happens and I can get back to riding, but a sudden 2 minute stop in the middle of a higher intensity workout is fairly disruptive - I can only imagine how much it would suck if you were racing.

Is anyone else having random drops in Bluetooth via the Companion App pairing?