Ramp test

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I have a problem in the Ramp test, when I do it, it seems that the ERG mode doesn’t work for me. When I get to about 200W, I generally don’t feel the load, I spin as if I’m on the lightest speed and I’m driving on the smallest (heaviest) gear. For 240W, I have to have a cadence over 110 revolutions and it is questionable if it reaches 240W, instead of making it difficult for me, it becomes easier and I can’t reach those Watts. I tried to ride a mountain path and as I climbed more and more, it gave me resistance on the wheel
I ride MTB 1x12deore set 32 front and rear 51 largest cassette,
Running Zwift on a Win10 PC, and I use the Zwift Companion app for connection.
Using a Tacx Vortex Smart!

It’s quite common for middle of cassette with small chainring (if you have more than one) to work well in ERG mode.

Each gear ratio has an ERG power range, depending upon cadence.

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It sound like you are running out of gears. Did you use your Smallest gear on the cassette.

yes i use Smallest gear

this is max what i can get

That look about right for a MTB on that trainer. That trainer need more wheel speed to generate resistance.

If you’re spinning out high gear, the easiest fix is probably a larger chainring (and a longer chain). Depending on your outdoor terrain, the bike may still be usable outside with bigger gearing. A 32x51 is quite a low gear - do you use it when riding outside? Where I live a 38x51 would be fine, and 38x11 high gear is considerably higher than 32x11.