Do the ramp tests (NOT the 2 block tests) use ERG Mode?

Did my first FTP test. I picked the Ramp Test. It set itself up with ERG Mode checked, so I just let Zwift run the show.

ERG Mode - based on all the reading and video watching I’ve had to do off Zwift (heaven forbid Zwift have ANY inline help) - is that in Erg Mode you stay in the same gear and cadence, and Zwift controls your trainer’s resistance to hit the power output goal.

That did NOT happen. At all. I finally spun out and ran out of gears at around 280 watts. At which point Zwift told me that it was now turning off Erg Mode. So I know that it was on.

I am running Zwift on a Windows 10 PC, connected to a Tacx Flux 2 via Bluetooth. Just checked and Tacx firmware is up to date, and it pairs normally as a controllabel device with Zwift.

Any help would be super helpful. So far, nothing in Zwift has been easy to setup or do, and finding tutorials, walkthroughs, and help has been a sh#tshow.

Can you post a photo of your pairing screen? It sounds like you might not have paired the trainer as ‘Controllable’.

It is definitely paired to a controllable device, according to the pairing screen

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Hi @Peter_Dobos

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Did the trainer increase the resistance in the first few blocks.

Some trainers have a sweet spot when using ERG. Once they go out of that range they can’t keep up.

Do you have an ANT+ or Bluetooth device nearby that could have been trying to control the trainer

no it never seemed to change resistance. I started at the top of my cassette at aroun80 rpm at the start (100W) and was all the way in the smallest cog at 100 RPM when I bailed, It was around 280W at that point.

Sounds like your trainer was not being controlled.

Would the power change as you varied cadence?

yes, the power was linked to my cadence and gear ratios, not being controlled by Zwift. Erg mode waqs definitely ON as it told me that it turned it off when I bailed on the test. And the pairing screen was normal - everything connected.

Yes, it was on but not working as expected.

correct. it was on in name only.

What bike and gears are you using.

I would suggest starting in the big front gear and middle cassette and try and wait for the trainer to change resistance, give it a bit of time to adjust.

I was in the smaller front (I don’t have a bigger front, no derailleur) and middle of cassette to start. However I had to pedal too slowly for the 100 W warmup so I had to go all the way to the top of the cassette. That where I spent the warmup and the first 2 intervals. Sped up cadence to go from 100 to 120, then alternated shifting gears and changing cadence up to 280 W where I was at 100 rpm in the smallest ring on the cassette. Then I gave up, and it told me it was turning off Erg Mode - meaning that it had been “on”.

Hi. When I first started using ERG mode, I couldn’t work it out either. I was trying to follow the instructions on the screen regarding cadence and to make sure I was pushing hard to get the wattage. I hit the same problem as you - no matter how fast I pedalled, I couldn’t develop enough power. After a few attempts, I relaxed a bit and didn’t push for the power immediately. That meant that the trainer slowly added resistance until I was at the right power level. I think I was just expecting it to happen immediately rather than the more gradual process it seems to employ.

Try sticking it in a middle gear, ignoring the cadence instructions and just keeping to a comfortable cadence. See if the resistance slowly climbs until you are at the right power level.

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Does the trainer change resistance during a free (non-workout) ride going up and down inclines? After you connected your trainer to the Tacx app, did you force close the app? Have you used the trainer with any other apps? Also do you keep your trainer plugged into power all the time or do you shut the power off after each use?

I get the best results by force closing apps I’ve used with my trainer after use, and disconnecting my trainer from power (I use a smart plug to turn it on/off) after every use.

If nothing above helps, I would contact Tacx/Garmin support to troubleshoot your trainer.

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