Tacx Flux 2 - ramp test lite issue with ERG mode

Today I did a ramp test lite with ERG mode (setup: Macbook Pro, wahoo tickr hr, Tacx flux 2 all connected via Bluetooth).

Everything went good until 150W. After 150W the Power / Watt didn’t increase.

I kept my cadence between 85-95 for the whole workout. Although my cadence didn’t drop and the target wattage of the workout increased the resistance got stuck. The chain of my bike was positioned on the lowest front ring and in the middle of my cassette. This way the ‘chain line’ was straight.

As a result of this I completed the entire workout (250W) but never reached the 250W in output.
It’s now the second time I did this test (twice with the same result). Will try it again in a couple of day with the Tacx App.

Anyone els who experienced the same issue?

Thanks for your help/support.

Best regards