Rage inducing power drops - New update issue?

I use a CyclopsH2 bundle that Zwift sells on site, so connecting with that setup on a PC.

I just wasted two hours trying to resolve this sudden issue. I started a workout like normal, but within 5 minutes of the warmup I had dropped suddenly to 0 watts, a few times long enough to disable ERG mode. After failing/half starring a few segments I restarted the computer, checked the Bluetooth, went again. Worked well for a bit but then it came back, I took pictures of how it would be at 500ish watts on a spring segment and suddenly be at 0. So would my cadence, but my heart rate from my garmin strap never dropped.

I finally just gave up and got off the bike, it was a massively irritating experience. Because it was NYC, during recovery segments at 110 watts, if I was going up hill and it dropped then I would just unceremoniously stop moving/unclip in-game.

So maybe it was the update? Maybe not? I’m not sure how to go about resolving the issue but the Fondo is on Sunday and I’ll end up throwing my computer out of the window if I have to do this for 4 hours.

Sounds like something was interfering with the Bluetooth signal from your trainer.

Check this:


I wish, it’s a static setup so no new factor has been introduced (besides the obvious update, but I’m pretty sure that’s related to the companion app)

Any chance you could switch to a ANT+ with a USB extension setup?

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Not immediately, am hoping for a return to normal…it seems odd to suddenly have such poor performance