Radeon RX 5700XT & Latest Zwift is low performance

The previous version of zwift output about 100fps with Radeon RX 5700XT.
However, after the release of Yorkshire, the performance dropped to about 30fps in the same environment.
GPU usage is only about 55%.
I have tried several Radeon drivers and the results are the same, so I think the performance degradation is due to the zwift application.
Does this happen on other Zwifters?
I want to know what is necessary to get the GPU performance that I want.

Game Version: 1.0.39812
Launcher Version : 1.0.44
Radeon Software Version 19.7.5 / 19.9.1

Just for laughs, what happens if you start the game, then disconnect you networking? Does your fps go up? And what happens if you go into ‘just watch’? My fps has dropped recently in groups but my CPU and GPU show pretty low utilization 35% on the busiest core / 65% GPU load. The GPU isn’t being pushed and I have no idea where the bottleneck is. Could be DDR3 1333 MHz RAM, but I doubt it as it was fine up until a couple of months ago.


Low performance is the same for both network disconnection and “just watch”.

Was this resolved? I had heard the 5700xt had OpenGL driver issues in the early days. Should be fixed with newer drivers but I haven’t heard for sure that it was. This has been holding me off getting one of these cards.

I don’t know the cause, but it has been resolved at this time.
AMD chipset driver:
RadeonSoftware: 19.11.1
Power management plan: AMD Ryzen High Performance

In these configurations and settings, the CPU and GPU are almost 100%.
It keeps about 100fps for solo rides, about 30fps for races and group rides.

Poor english, sorry.!

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Thank you.

I bought an AMD 5700 XT and found the exact issue you did. Using driver 19.11.3. I’m currently downgrading my driver to 19.11.1 and am hopeful for a positive outcome like you have.

Edit: did not change. Still having the issue. Badly need Directx support for AMD GPUs.

I have a ryzen 1300x with an nvidia 1060 3gb …so a low/medium perfomance pc.

IN my case fps are blocked at 60 because i use an old 60hz monitor…

if i ride alone 60fps are rock solid but when i’m in group ride/workout my fps drops at 30 or 40. IN eric min thanksgiving ride, in the initial part of the ride my fps dropped to 15 !!!

Even for my config cpu and gpu are always at about 50% of load even when fps drop…

note in the following pic that my fps are low, about 40…even if there are only 5/6 riders on screen. But it was a group workout and a lot of riders were behind me in that pic but it seems that is not the number of riders on screen that lower my fps in that way. When i ride solo with a TT bike i do not have drops with 10/15 riders on screen.

Is the power management set to High Performance or Ryzen High Performance?
By installing AMD chipset driver cleanly, Ryzen High Performance can be set.
My environment is a desktop, and the “Balanced” setting seemed to limit both CPU / GPU.

Thanks for the answer.
I will check asap.
I can’t remember if when i have installed w10 i ve installed motherboard drivers only or mobo + amd drivers.


i’ve installed the last chipset drivers for my old 1300x but in the power profiles i only have Ryzen balanced and not ryzen high performance. Maybe it s due to the poor processor.

By the way i ve read that this can of setting should not put a limit to the max cpu load.

Even this morning, while a i was riding solo i have met a group of about 15/20 zwifters. They were riding in the opposite way but when i ve met them, fps dropped for some seconds…and cpu and gpu were under 40% of load