Poor Performance suddenly i7-4700MQ / NVIDIA GeForce GT 740M

In last 2 updates suddenly performance has dropped significantly to the point almost unusable (really low frame rates of under 10) - nothing mentioned in release notes but unsure if just me or wider issue?

Post a result from Zwiftalizer as a starting point.

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I am fully aware it isn’t a gaming powerhouse - but it has gone from reasonably usable to virtually impossible in the space of a few weeks - with the latest update I was asking the question if something has changed that has broken it

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Maybe not fully outmoded but maybe the recent outmoding of older systems (and hopefully some forward progression within Zwift) is leading to this?

Nothing that I’m aware of.

I’m experiencing low fps as well. Nothing changed beside the game update. Now I’m in the 50-70fps range instead of 100-120

Hi @Marc_Debenham_HSW welcome to Zwift forums.

I’m not aware of any changes for Windows in the past couple of releases that should impact GPU performance in the way you’re describing.

Another possibility: Microsoft released two patches on August 9, the day before we released Zwift 1.28.0. We had a forum report of people that had graphics issues after these Win10 patches, one of whom is a coworker of mine. In her case - she had to update her GPU drivers via Windows Device Manager.

It’s possible that Windows will say that you’re using the latest driver. If that happens - you may want to manually force a driver update by uninstalling / reinstalling it. Worth a shot, anyway.