Racing Score hidden in Companion App German UI [3.48] [June 2023]

There is a problem with the Companion App on my iPhone 12 mini: In the language setting German the new racing score is not visible. This problem was not fixed with the update 3.48.0 from yesterday.

Thanks Roman - I’ll let the folks in charge of Racing Score & Companion know.

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I have an issue with Companion 3.48 and more precisely on the French version.

Basically the labels for the Cat and Racing Score are too long so the actual value is hidden.

Here is a screenshot on my iPhone 12 mini :

And it’s even worse on the iPhone SE I use as a dedicated Companion device for Zwift.

Kind of related but could you provide the ability to pick one’s language within Companion like it can be done in Zwift itself?
For practical reasons I have to keep my iPhone in French, but for some applications I prefer to have them in English.

Thanks for the report - we’re already working on it. Thanks in advance for your patience.

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Hi @Verde_Espada , I don’t know if I’ve misunderstood you here, but in iOS you can choose to run Companion in English (or another language), while having the device displaying in French as default. That’s my situation, also.
To make the change, go to Réglages, scroll down to Companion, and select language at the bottom of the list.

It’s not quite as user-friendly as being able to switch languages within the running app, but it’s pretty frictionless.


That was exactly my issue and you solved it; thanks!

I wasn’t aware of this setting on iOS since some other apps provide an in-app setting to switch the language. But iOS took it a step further and this is great.
As a user it’s trickier if you’re not aware of this feature, but as a dev I think it’s huge.

Ride On! :ride_on:

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