Races broken?

Today joined two events. Something called 111 Strongmen first (Watopia). Started in the pen as normal and when leaving the pen everyone was visible on the circuit. People doing workouts, free riding etc. On top of that the standings were not visible on the right side. Only saw my own name even when in a group.

Quit that event hoping it was just a bad setup. Joined 3R for five laps on Innsbruck. Same thing happened there. Also heard from others they were having similar issues. In Innsbruck it was less of an issue as there were almost no one doing free rides but not seeing standing not time differences makes it feel like a free ride.

Anyone knows what’s up? Or is it the general crappy coding from Zwift and they broke things again?

Had the same symptoms over the years. Got sick of hearing the experts say it was my network so sent my packet capture with logs to Zwift a few months back - no response at all. Seems to get reported when Zwift have a higher than normal load and suspect with holidays, various lockdowns and winter in big markets, Zwift is back to being busy again.

Coincidentally - I joined a 3R Race today and guess what happened as I left the pen …