Race Time Absurdly Exaggerated

I just completed a Tri Academy 10k race (starting 1800 hrs CST on 2020/01/04). I’m slow, but my time as reported on the in-game result screen, the companion app and to Zwift Power were absurdly long - as if the system divided by zero and overflowed. The time reported to Strava and Garmin were fine: about 1:08:00. Also, the race distance as displayed on the top-of-screen and in the graphics was well ahead of that reported by the runner info column on the right or the split time display on the left. Screenshots and/or FIT files available if they’d be of help.

Perhaps this error dates back to last June or earlier:

Good catch. My problem looks just like the Vatternrundan one.

This bug seems to be widespread. It did not repeat for me, but looking at the finish list for today’s TDZ group ride shows a couple of dozen people in “last place” with these ridiculous times.

This bug seems to be related to riders who ‘late start’ an event. Be sure to start up Zwift and have everything paired and ready to go at least a few minutes before the start in order to avoid this issue.

The bug happens when you finish a while after the main group. I’m a slow old fart so often see this but if you look at the results in Zwiftpower all is sorted. See Connecting to ZwiftPower to learn how to join.