Race starts

(Chris Leather) #1

How do you start a race? Sounds simple but I’m finding it a bit tricky.

Main problem is getting to the start line. As I don’t have brakes (there aren’t brakes, right?!) I find I’m edging towards the line and suddenly everyone’s off and I’m still 5 seconds behind.

So, is there are recommended technique for getting in position - or is it just a matter of edging your way closer and leaving plenty of time?

(Stef Levolger) #2

It’s all a bit finicky. The game doesn’t have any official racing support. As such the starting mechanism to racing is just really messed up right now.

Positioning yourself on the starting line is a matter of overshooting and correcting repeatedly by using the keyboard or mobile link to turn around and retry.

The starting of the race itself is a matter of trying to follow any sort of countdown, but often finding yourself lagging behind just a bit at the start.



What the game ultimately really needs though is just a way of identifying yourself with a race group, and with that have it position you as part of a line-up. And ideally for the start, it’d just allow you to warm up in place by letting you generate watts without physically moving.

(Chris Leather) #3

Thanks for the reply Stef. Completely forgot about turning round - not something I normally use - doh!

Yes. Warm ups and race groups would be really useful. If they made a ride with group option on the first screen that might do it - but probably a fair bit of work.

(Kyle Kindred) #4

A rolling neutral start would probably be the easiest way. Just ride neutral until the first intersection. This would allow everyone to do a lap or two to warm up then just wait near the start line until everyone starts pedaling and form a peloton.