Race beginnings

Hi, I would like to ask you for some advices :slight_smile:

Can you please give me some tips how to start with races? For example:

What kind of races should I choose at the beggining?
What is the best way how to find the propper race?
When I want to join some series or tour (I am not sure how it works here) what should I do?
Is the best way to plan and check my races via zwiftpower.com?
How can I become a member of any league?
How should I prepare for a race? What is important to know before the race?

I will be thankfull for any advie, thanks :slight_smile:

Hot off the press.

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Thanks a lot for an article.

Can someone please tell me more about leagues, teams, series and other things connected to zwiftpower.com?

Hot off the press again!!


I just saw that at the momment when I have posted the previous one :smiley:

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