Race Ranking - Quitting before finish

I’m not sure if there’s anything that can be done, but I’m sick of racing against people with good rankings, in this case for 2 hours, then them dropping out before the finish line, rendering the whole thing pointless.

The front 2 created a breakaway and the drop off begins of racers with good rankings. The 2 best ranked racers dropped out in the last km (of 89).


are you talking about zwiftracing.app rankings?

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Any of the current methods really. The Zwift Power ones require field quality, which is reduced by them not finishing. The other ranking system needs you to beat the better ranked racers, and if they don’t finish, that’s also not possible. Just a total waste of a race


ZR.app is having some thoughts about it. not sure if anything likely to happen on zp.

But i get it’s pretty annoying in one case the same pro rider bailing on his last race 2 races in the final k


Would the people that bail lose anything if they stayed to the finish or is it just that they don’t want to have other people move up by beating them?

With Zwift Power, they wouldn’t lose anything, but they stop others making improvements. With the ZR.app they would lose points and rankings for a ‘bad performance’. It’s why some of the highest ranked racers have ‘raced’ very few times…(not all, there are some very good riders up there too ha ha!)

it also effects the zp ranks as it lowers the race quality effecting possible increases. Your friend above that quit on you has quit 6 races back to back this week in the last k.

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One of them is sponsored by Zwift…that’s what his Strava Profile is showing.

He quit all his races this week just before the finish.

Everyone with DNF should be included in the results on ZP and Companion.


It might also help to publish something like a rider’s rolling 60 day DNF percentage on their profile to make it easier to guess what might happen in an event you’re considering entering.


This. Of course there might be the occasional glitch when a technical issue drops your Zwift session while racing but that’s just like the sort of random events that occur IRL.

Should this be a Feature Request? I’d love to see why some folk think it should be retained as-is, and an explanation from Zwift as to why they’d not make the change.

it’s probably a bit too much work to expect given that the development on zwiftpower had stopped but certainly should be considered for any new ranking system. I know zr.app is looking at options around DNF riders but in this case with a Zwift pro rider doing it at least 8 races in a row this week it’s a bit ridiculous but i doubt anything can/will be done.


At this moment in time we are not looking at penalising people that don’t finish races.

It’s something worth consideration though.

What do you think about providing visibility into a rider’s DNF rate without introducing a penalty? It would give people a small incentive to finish more races. These are riders who care about their reputation (in the form of ranking) so I think it would put a little positive pressure on them.

I think we’re so far into “scoring” that anything like that would have to be second phase work.

I’m on the fence about penalising but agree with others showing DNF in a riders record is probably enough to put most off doing it.

would scoring work as if a rider beats a DNF rider?

that is the issue with zp rankings the rider DNF lowers the quality of the race impacting the riders that do finish. same with ranking/scoring if you get less of a rank bonus because strong riders bail at the last minute.

I know zr.app didn’t have it at first but it is being discussed for future.

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No need to penalise anyone. Just record the actual result without applying any sort of penalty. Anyone who finishes is placed above non-finishers.


Yeah, I think a good start is to just show the DNF’s in the standings and record it as a DNF for the rider. Doesn’t have to hurt that person’s ranking to start with, would also give some incentive to keep in the race for people who are dropped as well. I’ve been last or close to last on a bunch of races where people quit after getting dropped, so showing DNFs not only helps the folks at the front, but also gives a bit more motivation for folks at the back to stay in the race.


I guess I’m just naive, but I don’t get how having other people advance because they raced in a race that his higher quality with your results in it hurts you (so I don’t get why they’d do it other than a rage quit). Sure, there’s a risk that, eventually, they’ll surpass your ranking, but having more, high ranked riders in any given race (because the riders in this race move up) means that you’ll get a bigger bump in those races you do win/podium/whatever, and that might allow you to move up the ranks further (unless you’re already at the top).

Definitely just leaving their results in the rankings (after all the people that do finish, rank them by who got the furthest) without penalizing them would be helpful. If they’re not in the top 10, they likely won’t help the race quality rankings (unless it was a small race and there were a lot of high-ranked quitters) as the ZP rankings are now calculated, but it would be a start. If your new rankings format is more like ELO, somebody quitting before the finish would mean you beat them by a lot and your ranking would jump up a lot more than if they just finished wherever they finished.

The catch 22 is that if a rider is penalised for a DNF, it then becomes a way to deliberately drop rank. Some riders want a high rank, some riders want a low one (if it is used to place riders in to pens).

DNFs in the last X% of a race should probably be penalised (penalised also means counted in finishers for other people’s rankings)


I plan to add DNFs to ZwiftRacing in the next month or so. Initially it will only display them on a rider’s profile and not negatively impact any rating or rank.