Zwiftpower race ranking for mass start races

Zwiftpower should calculate race rank for everyone that starts together in a race. It should not do separate calculations based on categories.

Currently, when multiple categories start together ZwiftPower only calculates the race ranking based on people in the same category even though everybody was racing together.

Some organizers run single-category events and the people in the lower categories get the advantage (with respect to ranking points) of having raced with and against the higher category riders.

This gets worse for some age-based races that start together. Each age “category” is ranked together even though the ability within those is wide, and a top finisher in (for example) the 60+ race gets a high rank compared to what he would have got if he had simply entered into a lower age category.

Correctly calculating race ranking across everyone who starts together will provide an incentive for people to do mass start races with multiple categories starting together. And for respecting age-based categories for masters racing.

I would add that it should also calculate ranking based on who you race including sandbaggers, dq’ed racers AND people that leave before the completion (treat them all as equal last place).

But as we know, ZP wont be touched but I’m voting for this hoping that whatever system they are looking at for racing, considers the fringe requests too.

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You are also getting my vote for this @stuart_lynne. As @Dean said, hope your input can be considered when/if proper ranking is implemented in Zwift.

There can be many reasons why people leave before completion. It could be technical problems. I guess you are thinking about people leaving just before completion or before 20 min.

Correct, but probably more specifically the ones that enter the longer races (say 1.5hr+ races) fully aware that they are bailing early.

Agree, legit reasons excluded and I have no idea how to differentiate but I’d suggest that tech reasons arent that frequent (excluding current theme of BT drops after 10mins). I tend to do 1hr+ races as a preference - given the small fields we get this part of the world, its noticeable the amount that bail early which typically coincides with them being dropped.

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I would suggest:

  1. entered race and/or pen - did not start - do not rank
  2. entered race and started - rank regardless of DNF

I would also be OK with modifying option 2, to rank if DNF after N% of event is complete. E.g. 25%, if you complete 25% of the distance you get ranked. If you drop out before that you don’t. Actual value for N can be discussed.


I’ll note that rgtdb ranks you if you add your name to the race entries. I think that is a bit harsh but can see some of the motivation behind it.

Once signed up for a ranked race users result will be counted no matter what! This means that rank cannot be ‘protected’ by leaving events early. This extends to signing up for an event, but not finishing. Users that leave early will or are no shows will be marked as DNF and ranked as last place.

If you do not intend to race in a ranked event, do not sign up!