Race distance inconsistency

I just finished MAAP Stage 1 which said 27.8KM on the published ad. However I sprinted to 27.8KM only to find the finishing line was nowhere in sight. And had to go until 28.5KM to the end of the course. It’s very frustrating if you’ve planned your effort. I suppose funny for some but I really find it a turn off. Please fix.

Interesting, I assume that you were doing the Watopia Waistband route. Zwift Insider also quotes lead-in of 2.4km + route of 25.5km so I’m surprised you ended up doing 28.5km.

Wasn’t there a distance countdown on the top of you HUD?

One basic assumption that you can make on all of these events is that they will end at an official banner. I assume yours was the end of the Fuego Flats forward sprint arch.

If you aren’t sure about the details of the routes, Zwift insider is the best resource: Route Maps & Details for Zwift's Watopia Course - Zwift Insider

Ride on!


Thanks for the recce link. I suppose it’s on every rider do their research on the route and figure out where the race actually ends.

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Sorry for the delay in responding. I’m not sure how long you have been using Zwift, but after a while you will know. I often now start an event without knowing the route and based on where we’re starting and the length of the course I know where we’re going and where the end is.

Just a newbie … L19

There is something strange going on with the accumulated distances in events (there are plenty of other threads about this). Some people get a pretty close match between their personal distance ridden and the “official” distance ridden of the course, whereas others get/need something like up to 5% more. It’s almost like riding with a badly calibrated bike computer…

In events, the distance remaining counter is decisive (events can also end at unusual places so other than finish line banners, sometimes intentionally and sometimes accidentally), so just keep riding until you get the list of results (for a race) or the event completion message (for group rides).