Quests & Challenges in Free Ride

Our IRL team did a Taco Ride/poker ride back pre pandemic. Rode to four different taco places–you got a card at each location, plus an extra card for every taco you ate.

We also stopped at our sponsor LBS for margaritas–made via an old cyclops trainer with a blender attachment. Wattaritas.

It was a good day.


it would be fun if you had steering, and you could try and steer through obstacles, and if you complete it sucessfully, you get a reward.


I’ve wondered why they haven’t expanded the Repack Ridge idea to more places. I think riding on the road up AdZ, then a MTB descent back into the jungle on single-track would be epic.

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that would be fun down the alpe if you could somehow brake, and it would make it more vid-game like, which some would enjoy.

I believe zwift is more intrested in expanding for the fitness and competetive side of things, but if they would let people make extensions, they would probably attract alot more of the in-for-the-fun people

For sure on the ‘fitness/competition’ point. The AdZ descent wouldn’t do much for fitness. Although a singletrack MTB descent race would be competitive.

But I get a good workout on Repack Ridge, so something less ‘one way’ could still satisfy the people (me included) who want a workout.

I think the main roadblock to having that kind of steering popping up more often is that most people’s setups can’t handle it at the moment. I do repack ridge by setting my front tire down on the carpet, out of the block I usually use that keeps it centered. So I wouldn’t be able to do it on the fly without stopping. Someone with the Kickr Climb would have trouble. But if they sold Bluetooth steering buttons that clipped to your hoods/grips for a reasonable price (say $30), suddenly there would be a lot more possibilities.

EDIT: That said, even another Repack Ridge where you did stop first would be welcome. Or a bike trials course!

Since AdZ climb is gps correct and the hill is already there, might as well just model the other side of it which is used annually for the Megavalanche race.

And get your 100kph badge at the same time …braking not required :crazy_face:

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Hell. Yeah.

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So I was thinking about this a bit more, which is dangerous, but here goes.

Let’s say you’re interested in challenging someone… You have some ability to propose a challenge which is available as long as you’re free-riding around whatever world you’re in (let’s say the challenge you propose is a specific segment - such as a specific sprint, or the Volcano KOM, or the Alpe etc…), and that goes into some bucket of challenges. Other people can see these challenges, and the power profile of the person who is challenging. Zwift only shows you challenges from people within your “category” for that style of challenge so you don’t get completely wrecked, and in general it will be a ‘fair’ fight. You can basically easily browse the challenges available to you and “Swipe Right” or “Swipe” left through all the available challenges - as you can in whatever dating apps there are out there that I have never used. If there is a match you are brought to the location of the challenge with whoever you accepted, and you throw down as hard as you can. Winner gets something fancy, not sure what. But it’s fancy.