Who has clever new ideas for non-app challenges?

I thrive on challenges as inspiration to exercise regularly. Zwift has been great for that so far.

It’s been fruitful getting badges, completing the three big long-term challenges, accumulating drops to buy gear, and participating in ride series, such as Tour de Zwift.

These days, I’m currently chasing jerseys. And I have a couple badges to go.

But once I have all the gear, all the badges, all the jerseys… then what?

Sure, there are the usual goals people set for themselves, like a target number of kilometers in a month, raising FTP by some percentage, burning some amount of calories, riding every day for two months – things like that. And of course we’ll always be riding for XPs to level up.

I’d like to hear ideas other riders have come up with to entertain themselves.

Sadly, that does come to an end. I’ve been stuck on level 50 for almost two years. :slight_smile:


I think it’s absolutely nuts they haven’t added levels beyond 50. And more challenges. How many actual resources would it take for just those two things? I can’t imagine many.

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There are a number of Virtual Races/challenges (i.e. The conquerer challenges) that you can sign up to. A little pricey if you want a medal but there are apps (i.e. My Virtual Mission) available that take a feed from Strava (yes you will need to get Zwift to update Stava). and I believe the free version will allow you to set up one mission. Personally I opt for the medals which helps me push do a little more to achieve something.
I would like to see more long term or monthly challenges on Zwift. Items like ‘Ride xx in month’ and Climb xxx in month’ with virtual badges similar to Strava. I am sure if there were in Zwift with some form of count down then people would be more motivated. Also would like to see ‘Monthly Mission’ which changes each month and perhaps says ride a course for 5 days in the month or complete 5 separate courses. I was excited when I completed a route but now when I finish a course you get nothing not even ’ You have completed ??? route xx times - Well done’. More missions/incentives please Zwift.

Someone recently posted The ABC Challenge: Do all three of the Tour de Zwift routes in each stage. Doing that during the TdZ instead of the make up events would’ve been pretty challenging for many of us with work and so on. I didn’t have time to do it but it sounded intriguing…

It wasn’t fun. Especially not in the Jungle stages.

Oh, c’mon. It was fun. I even did one of the Jungle stages on the Safety bike, to make it more interesting.

Try the Level 51 challenge. The goal is to reach Level 51, it is very difficult and will take a very very long time. Lets us know if you get there


I really lost enthusiasm for the ABC Challenge around Stage 5 or 6. The route choice left a lot to be desired.

My challenge is called Nine Jersey Challenge. That’s right all nine orange jersey courses…in one day . I rode it over nine days, time trialing each one for time including Paris and Crit City and Bologna. I think it is a good candidate for Knighthood like Sufferlandia’s main challenge of 10 workouts back to back. I’m just a bit unable to do endurance rides but I love time trials. Riding Innsbruck takes a while but Crit City is under three minutes. I need someone to set the bar on total time.


Jim, damn, that’s right. Well, thankfully I’m not there yet! I feel for you.

Federico, hopefully by the time I’m at level 50 they’ll have added more levels. Yeah, not sure why challenges are added so slowly. Maybe programming is more difficult than any of us know.

Zee, sounds like a good challenge. How about posting your time here, and that can become the bar for Zwifters to follow! It would be Zee Time to beat!

I haven’t done them all in one day. I’ve thought about it, lol. I have very little endurance.
My time trial times would be tough to beat. I can grind away fairly good, except Innsbruck.
I think it seems better than Everesting and it is a real challenge.
Do it before it becomes 10 jerseys! #ZwiftTokyo # NineJerseyChallenge

I’m thinking of doing this nine jersey challenge this week.
I found back to back Bologna and Crit City. It’s a great start.
Then only 7 worlds to time trial after that.

So I rode all nine worlds courses (the orange jersey courses)
I’m terrible at endurance and was tired out but I finished it today
I tried two months ago but couldn’t finish.
Innsbruck takes almost an hour while Crit City is less than three minutes.
I use events to log into Crit City and Bologna.
I took eight jerseys and second place in Italy (so sad)
Total time was 3 hours 19:56.37
I took photos of all my times and posted them on my Strava.
I’ll never Everest so for me this is my Knighthood lol.
Would I try it again? No, too hard.
PS You have to use time trial bike so no drafting. That’s the only rule.

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