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I developed to allow people to see how many of the most challenging routes they have completed, plus a side game of earning points for added motivation.

I would really like to see something similar in game, to give us ‘something to do’ without having to sign up to an event or do a workout.

Zwift should be able to list all the courses available and show us what we have/haven’t completed and our PB for completing the course in full. I only list climbing challenges but Zwift can also include TT challenges where it automatically puts you on a TT bike and it leads you in to the start of the TT course. This can really expand the challenge list.

It has proved popular on the site but it is with it’s limitations, many of which can be overcome by integrating something of this nature in game.

Users can use the companion app to see what they have completed and what’s left to do, and then use the meet up function to arrange group rides for added motivation to complete the challenge.


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I absolutely support this.

I’ve looked at doing various Zwift things myself - even started developing a few. But because we have no direct access to Zwift data, that means we have to go through Strava.

And frankly I don’t want to go through Strava. Not least because they’ve made it harder to access data as well. But mostly because people writing community-driven added value sites is one thing, but having to use a third party to do it is daft. It necessitates people signing up to Strava and having public activites there when they might not want to.

I’d much rather have data available directly from Zwift, but it seems very unlikely to happen. We were told there would be an API and a developer programme, but it now seems more likely this will only be available to ZwiftPower and ZwiftGPS.

So, bit of a rant, but it underlines why I fully agree that things like this should be provided by Zwift themselves. It’d add so much more to the experience, especially for people who are motivated by badges/achievements.

(I understand that GDPR in particular has made it much harder to share data which has probably put the kibosh on the anticipated developer API, but that’s another reason to keep it all in-house and in-game.)

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This is gonna help improve my climbing :sunglasses: imma smash the cobra in May :smiley: thanx Garry :metal:t3:

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