How Would You Like A Real Medal For Each Zwift Route?

Why don’t Zwift create a mutual business partnership with Conqueror Challenges and have them create different artistic medals for each and every one of zwift many routes? A triple win win win. More motivation for members, a commission fee for zwift paid by Conqueror medals, more medals sold for conqueror ??? Every one is a winner. Lars.

No interest?

Hi Lars, and welcome to the Forums.
I feel bad about pouring cold water on what looks like an interesting idea in principle, – and it’s good to see someone coming up with a new idea here – but since no one else is replying, here’s my take on it:

The pleasure I get from earning the route badges on Zwift is derived purely from the chase aspect and getting those things off the to-do list. They are a series of abstract carrots, which help get me to ride a little more.
The medals on Conqueror Challenges website do look like nice objects, but I wouldn’t be any more motivated to exercise by the promise of a piece of metal at the end (that costs at least 30 USD a go), which I have no interest in owning or displaying.

Everyone is different and I am sure that there are plenty of people on the platform who feel differently.

Again, I salute your proactivity, Lars.


Yeah, these seem like participation trophies. Sorry, no interest from me either.


I think there is enough waste in this world already mate.


Great idea - especially for the harder rides, or many be a series of rides eg completing all the rides in a location.