"Epic" routes + collectors medals

A lot of people are chasing the route badges these days. So collecting things is kinda popular.

In that vision, zwift could make some “epic” routes on some worlds that have a distance of a real life classic like tour of flanders, liege-bastogne-liege,… (so around 240km).

To go further in this you could get a badge for them in zwift and buy optional a real life finishers medal (it’s something thats also already in a lot of virtual replacement events this year).

You could even change the routes and medals/badges each year so that it becomes a real collectors thing (and make the medals stackable so for example if there are each year 3 epic routes, the medals for finishing the 3 would make a greater medal together).

I love challenges and I know there are a lot of others on zwift that think the same. So it would be great to have really difficult challenges and get something real for it.

The Uber Pretzel is epic enough for me.