Zwift Easter Egg Quests

We all love every time a new world drops and trying out new terrain, but I often get into a rut of just a few routes I do each time I log in.

So…what if there were “quests”, like your classic WoW or MMORPG’s? Sign up for a “quest” or “scavenger hunt” and collect easter eggs/golden tickets/whatever. There could be a riddle, a challenge, or some teambuilding activity (‘you must get there with these 3 people’). A scoreboard in the challenge shows who’s in the lead. Think Zwift + Ready Player One (minus the corporate overlord plot)

If this is already a request on the forum Im sorry. I looked around and saw nothing similar.

Ride On - Ed

It would be nice to have some small changes.

I was thinking about a route of the day: if you complete the route of the day you get double XP like you get when you do it the first time for the badge.


And what would one do with that XP, exactly?


As you state , before Zwift can think about improving the Gamification elements of the product they first have to actually put some throught and effort into making the gamification worthwhile. The current approach probably lasts a few months at best as interesting to users then it just becomes nothing more than annoying screen clutter and pointless numbers ever increasing which amount to nothing at all , or in the case of levels not even increasing just stuck solid .

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I don’t think it’s a bad idea actually. How about just calling them challenges. “Ride X km this week/month”. Or “Your personal all time best on segment is x. Set a new record on this segment to score Y XP or Z Drops”. Yes a level 50 rider may not care about either, but they are carrots nonetheless. I’d think many riders still welcome a XP or drop bonus. And if not they can just be ignored and no harm done.

I’d use it to level up. :+1:t4:


For many of us, that is no longer possible.

If Zwift do ever release more levels, your accumulated background XP will come into play. It’s still worth accruing it, just in case.

And if Zwift don’t ever release more levels, no big deal. You can just ignore the XP aspect. It’s no different from most other games with XP. Once you reach the level cap, you’ve reached the level cap.

I’m max level in WoW, and I don’t get any XP for killing a mob or doing a quest.

Maybe Zwift should turn off XP gains for level 50 riders. :+1:t4:

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We used to get missions every once in a while, remember the 10,000 calorie mission, what happened to those???

No idea. Maybe too few people engaged with them to make it worth bothering? I can’t remember the last one I did. Ceramic Speed one last year perhaps.

Still waiting for that fourth challenge to unlock too. It has only been, what, 6 years?

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We had that a long time ago. It was fun.
I think this is a video from that series.

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How are they carrots if we don’t care about the rewards?

Here’s a thought, then. For these proposed quests, reward everyone—regardless of level—with deferred XP, which doesn’t actually get applied until if and when Zwift adds levels above 50. That should give everyone the same motivation to complete the quests.

Why? I don’t see how that serves any purpose.

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Your argument above was that it was worthwhile for level 50 riders to continue to collect XP which would only have value if and when Zwift increased the level cap.

My proposal allows everyone—regardless of level—to participate in this most worthwhile endeavor.

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