Question about payment and free trial


On 19/11/2020 I started my 7 day free trial. On 26/11/2020 I put in my code received from Elite for a free month Zwift, this can be seen on my account in the category ‘promotions’ it says:
Elite Free Month Pending

My paypal today said I was debited for EUR 15. What I did was going to the app store and cancel the automatic payment so my free month could start next month on 26/12/2020. When I did this suddenly my Zwift app says ‘Free trial Expired’. Now this got solved by activating the automatic payment in the app store again.

To me this seems like they will automatically debet me next month again instead of using my free month.

Am I seeing this wrong ? This is kind of frustrating and any help is appreciated.

Thanks in advance