Put into wrong meetup

Had something strange happen this evening. Was invited to two meetup events, both happening at about the same time.

Did not respond to the 6pm meetup I wasn’t attending

Did select “going” to the 6:15 meetup I was attending

Started riding about 30min ahead of time. Get a reminder on companion app about the 6:15 meetup and a blue join meetup button in the bottom left. Push that at like 6:08.

Zwift puts me in the 6:00 meetup that I don’t want.

Thankfully, I immediately got a 2nd join meetup message at 5min to go that put me in the right one, but if I’d waited until closer to the event, or not gotten that 2nd join message I would have had a problem.

Same happened to both me and my husband yesterday. I was on iPad, him on MacBook. A proper bug! Sounds like we panicked more. The 2 meet-ups were 30mins apart and we had joined zwift in time to warm up for the second, and got thrown into the earlier meet-up which had already started. Neither of us had accepted the invite to the first meet-up. We did various things logging out of zwift, going out and back in to the event on companion app, which I guess did nothing, but then got in to the correct meet-up with a few minutes to go.