Proform TDF with wahoo speed sensor mounted

(G.S. TIFOSI) #1

Anyone try and mount the Wahoo Blue SC speed sensor onto the Proform TDF bike to broadcast speed to zpower?  I am just trying to get creative to still use my TDF bike with Zwift verse going back to trainer and a bike.



(Rob Reiger) #2

How did you go with your Proform? I’ve got one and it’s a pain that it dosnt work. 

(G.S. TIFOSI) #3

I love my Proform, but still no options for it to work with zwift that I am aware of. That is very unfortunate. I almost splurged on another indoor trainer that would work, but the TDF bike is so quiet I just can not give it up verse a kickr for example.

(Dean Aldrich) #4

Love my Proform bike, but I wish it wasn’t tied to the  Zwift works much better and is more flexible for training.  Not sure how you would mount the magnet for the Wahoo SC sensor other than glue it. 

(G.S. TIFOSI) #5

I explored all options, but the Proform does not broadcast power so not a usable bike for Zwift. I ended up with new Tacx Flux.