Connect your Proform TDF Bike to Zwift with TDF Data Bridge

Hi all,

I created a program to hook up my Proform TDF Bike to Zwift by sending Power and Cadence readings in realtime without the need of buying a pair of Power Meter pedals or any additional hardware other than a couple of ANT+ dongles.

Get yourself a free copy here:

The DEMO version has no time expiration and will allow you to use Zwift as any normal (supported) trainer, by broadcasting the bike’s power & cadence data in realtime to Zwift.
The full version on the other hand, in addition to the power & cadence, will adjust the bike’s incline and resistance as the course conditions change, turning the bike into a smart trainer.

Ride On!

Very very cool!


Hi Dan,

That’s really cool. I’ve just this moment set up a Facebook page for owners of the Proform TDF Bike. Please feel free to head on over and join - I’m sure that as the group grows there’ll be lots of people who have decided against the iFIT subscritpion and are looking for an alternative.

It’d be really good to have an expert onboard;

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Sure Andy! I will. Thanks a lot for the invitation. Dan.

Hey Dan- will this work on TDF 1?

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Sorry my friend, TDFDB is only compatible with TDF 4 and 5 bikes (for the moment).


@Dan_Bee Would this application work for the Nordictrack s22i? I am not familiar with the Proform bikes but since they also use iFit I thought I’d ask.

Hello Greg! Unfortunately those bikes are not compatible yet. I’m working on a program to extend functionality to TDF 1.0 and 2.0 bikes, and hopefully include Studio bikes too, but all of them are different, so this is going to take a while. You may want to check my blog from time to time, where I will be posting the news as they happen. :+1:

Ride On!

Thanks Dan. I will keep checking your blog for updates.

Hallo Dan, congratulations, really a great job!
Yesterday I tried the demo version but I had a problem with Zwift … it recognizes power source and cadence (with the default value 283 watt and 90 cadence) but, after loading the script “”, when i start pedaling, it doesn’t receive the data transmitted by TDF and the virtual bike on Zwift remains motionless … if I don’t load on simulant the script “”, it takes the data from the default script (283 watts and 90 cadence) and pedals automatically with these values… I state that I have also tried the RGT and Bkool simulators and it all works regularly… I hope you could help me because I want to buy the full version.
Best regards,

Any luck sorting it out? I’ve ran into the same issue and committed hours troubleshooting with no luck.