Connect your Proform TDF Bike to Zwift with TDF Data Bridge

(Dan Bee [TDF D.B.]) #1

Hi all,

I created a program to hook up my Proform TDF Bike to Zwift by sending Power and Cadence readings in realtime without the need of buying a pair of Power Meter pedals or any additional hardware other than a couple of ANT+ dongles.

Get yourself a free copy here:

The DEMO version has no time expiration and will allow you to use Zwift as any normal (supported) trainer, by broadcasting the bike’s power & cadence data in realtime to Zwift.
The full version on the other hand, in addition to the power & cadence, will adjust the bike’s incline and resistance as the course conditions change, turning the bike into a smart trainer.

Ride On!

(Vincent W.) #2

Very very cool!