Proform Tour de France bike set up

Hello, I am very interested in getting into zwift for a better winter training routine. I currently have a first generation Proform Tour de France bike and since I spent a lot of money on it and I like it, I would like to use it for zwift. From what I gather I could buy a compatible power meter (crank arm) and that would make the bike work? If I got a speed sensor would that help make it more interactive and be worth it?

Or, is there a way to make the bike work with zwift as is as a smart trainer? It has Bluetooth capability, but I don’t know about the ANT+ part of it.


Hi Erik! Have you tried the search function in the forum here? It looks like there are a few threads that talk about this. Such as : I hope you find some good information!

Thanks for the link. Unfortunately, since I have an older generation of the bike it doesn’t look like that programming will work with mine.