Realtime simulation data dump to text file


I’m working on a “homebrew” data bridge to connect and use my non-supported training bike (Proform TDF Bike) with Zwift.

So far I was able to successfully “bridge” Power and Cadence data in realtime, from the TDF Bike to Zwift, so now my TDF Bike works just like any compatible trainer (but without the smart functionality).

Since TDF bike also supports incline up to 20+/- degrees, I would like to go one step further now, and bridge Incline/Grade information on the opposite direction: from Zwift to the Bike, to use the bike as a true smart trainer.

I once heard rumors of a Zwift API that was on the making, which would most probably be what I need to accomplish my goal, but that was long time ago, and I’m not sure if those rumors were true at all.

That said, I was wondering if there is any chance to include, in a future Zwift update, a simulation data logging feature, that would dump course information, such as incline/grade, to a text (log) file in realtime. That would be very useful for programmers working on alternative solutions to integrate non-supported trainers or applications to Zwift.

Thank you very much.