Problems with the graphics in events

When I join an event and have to change the Zwift World, graphics are faulty. I only see the landscape without any houses or other details, sometimes even the road is missing.
The problem occurred for the first time 2 weeks ago in Watopia, now already several times at events on Makuri Island.
Outside of the events everything works fine.
What could be the reason?

Please provide a complete rundown of all the equipment you are using to run Zwift, so that some helpful feedback can be provided. This doesn’t seem to be a common issue, so I’d guess there might b something faulty with your setup.

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Zwift is running on my windows PC (windows 10 home) and I use a Tacx Neo, same setup since more than 3 years.
Very strange.

We would need a lot more detail than that to better assist you.

What kind of details? Sorry, I’m not a technical expert. :wink:

The exact spec of your PC, including its graphics capability (e.g. which GPU or integrated graphics), how you’re connecting to the trainer (Bluetooth or ANT+), how your PC is connected to the network, etc.